Nothing better to do

 HMRC have revealed that 1,566 UK tax payers filed their 2013 self-assessment tax returns on Christmas day. Are we to take this as evidence that the “bah humbug” mentality is alive and well in the UK?

In order to file their returns these reluctant revellers will have needed to switch on their computer, as the only way to file a return after October each year is to use HMRC’s online gateway.

Even if you had already completed your filing obligations for 2013, prior to Christmas, you may have been tempted to spend your Amazon and iTunes gift vouchers over the Christmas break. Again, logging into your accounts online is a prerequisite.

And what about presents you may have received that were, shall we say, unwanted, surplus to requirements? Be interesting to know how many new items were added for sale on eBay Christmas day.

There is a message here that businesses should pick up on: how could you benefit from this 24/7, online activity. Whether you sell services or widgets there is probably a product or information download that you could sell from your website?

Who knows, next Christmas your business may be achieving sales as you tuck into the festive turkey